2023 Escondido Illustrated City Map Comming Soon

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2023 Escondido Map Poster Open For More Businesses

The 2022 Escondido Magazine February winter issue featured the Illustrated Escondido Map in the centerfold, and the Escondido Times-Advocate featured the poster on the full back page.  The Map Poster is a collector's item for sure!

If you have a business and missed out on the 2022 Escondido Map Poster, you are in luck.  The Escondido Map Poster is being updated for 2023 and is open to more businesses that missed out on the 2022 poster.

Illustration Advertising for the 2023 Escondido Map Poster is now available.

Escondido Map Poster History

Excited to invite Escondido Businesses to get on the map!

The last Escondido Map was published in 1997.  The new 2021 Escondido Map will include all of the City of Escondido and more.  We plan to print 20,000 posters, publish on the back page of the Escondido Times-Advocate and a center folder poster in the Escondido Magazine.  The Escondido Map is also giving back to our schools with a donation to the Escondido Education Foundation.

Once published, the Map will include a "QR Code" to our landing page website with links to all the sponsoring advertisers.  Social media post will also be shared throughout the year.  Public will be able to pick up copies of the maps at local advertiser's businesses.  We will have booths at Escondido events like, Crusin' Grand, Farmers Market, 2nd Saturday Artwalk, Grand Avenue Festival, and many other events.  We will have a special release party, so make sure you connect with us.  

Advertising rates are affordable and provide you with free posters, website link, and social media promotional post.   Contact/text David at (619) 208-8710 to reserve your place on the map.

1988 Escondido Map

2022 Escondido Map

1997 Escondido Map